What is your Heart’s Question?

“When an unexpected event occurs any time during the childbearing year that ‘cracks’ the birthing woman or a birth attendant open, a trained and compassionate Birth Story Listener can help to gently excavate and gather the shattered, scattered, precious bits.

Birth Story Listening is an uplifting guided personal growth process intended to bring about insight, resolution, and healing after a difficult or disappointing birth.” – Pam England

When thinking about your birth, are there moments you replay in your mind that bring up feelings of shame, anxiety, anger, or sadness?

If you are looking to process an unresolved birth, you may be interested in a Birth Story Medicine® session. I provide one-on-one appointments with anyone who has witnessed birth, whether you are a parent or birth professional. ​

My background as a birth doula and a love of learning led me to find Birth Story Medicine® and study with Pam England and Danit Tsur Almog. I am passionate about exploring new meaning and healing in birth stories through self-compassion and love.

Currently I am offering hour long sessions over Zoom for $75.


Birth Story Medicine® is not psychotherapy and while Birth Story Listener Kate Spera is a birth professional, she is not a psychologist. Each session is limited to helping process an experience involving pregnancy, birth, or postpartum.