During my challenging pregnancy in 2017, I sought out resources in my community and was introduced to what a doula was. Immediately, I knew that with family and friends far away, I craved the kind of support only a doula could provide. My doula’s participation during the pregnancy and my son’s birth was one of the greatest gifts for my partner and me.

Throughout postpartum, I realized that not many of my friends, or new parents that I had met, had been given the gift of a doula during their pregnancy and birth experience. I was inspired to support these families, in my community, during this transformative time. I am so passionate about this period in a person’s life because it is one of the most vulnerable. It is a moment when with support, a birthing person is able to empower themselves and develop self-compassion, which they carry with them and for everyone’s life they touch. It is very fulfilling and an honor for me to support and encourage families on this beautiful journey. As a birth doula, I support the birthing person during their transformation as parents.

I am now a Birth Story Listener through Birth Story Medicine and have begun my journey to become a Childbirth Mentor through Birthing from Within. I am also learning to become a Birth and Bereavement Doula® through StillBirthday as I explore how to support families experiencing loss.



CD(DONA) – July 2019

Rebozo Certification taught by Debbe Cannone, CHBE, Birth Doula, CLEC, Certified Rebozo Instructor – May 2019


DONA Trained Birth Doula, Labor Support Doula Workshop taught by Gerri Ryan, LM, CPM, FACCE, CD(DONA) and Lisa Simpkins, IBCLC  –  November 2018

Lactation Workshop for Doulas taught by Lisa Simpkins, IBCLC – November 2018

Doula Professional Series at The Birth Education Center taught by Care Messer, HBCE and Ashley Stetson CD(DONA) – January – March 2019

HypnoBirthing Course taught by Care Messer, HBCE, 15 hours – January – February 2019

Comfort Measures for Labor at The Birth Education Center – March 2019

Birthing from Within Course taught by Jamie Mossay, CMT, BCTMB, HHP, BS, 15 hours – April 2019

Spinning Babies Workshop with Nicole Morales – August 2019

Massage for Labor Workshop with Jamie Mossay, CMT, BCTMB, HHP, BS – October 2019

Spinning Babies Workshop with Tema Mercado – November 2019

Birth Story Listening Part I with Pam England – November 2019

Birth Story Listening Part II with Pam England – March 2020

Birth Story Listening Part III with Danit Tsur Almog – May 2020

Birthing from Within Mentor Course – April 2020 – Present

Volunteer Work

Volunteer with Operation Doula, Balboa Naval Medical Center

Artwork by Mia Ohki